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How do I connect to my AirLink device with ACEmanager?

You can use this ACEmanager to connect to your AirLink device locally or remotely using any web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox).

After powering on the AirLink device, ensure that you have an IP-based connection set up (such as Ethernet, USB/net).

Note: You may need to download USB drivers for the USB connection.

You can log on to ACEmanager by entering in your web browser or enter other IP addresses depending on the interface you select (as shown in the table below).


*Can be changed via ACEmanager.

The default login credentials are:

User Name: user

Password: 12345



By default all AirLink modems have the option to use ACEmanager to connect locally only.

If you want to connect to your modem remotely:

1. Go to Services >ACEmanager.

2. Select Enable ACEmanager.

3. Select Tethered Host and OTA.

4. Click Apply.


Note: Port 9191 may be blocked by a Windows  or other software firewall.

Some corporate computers are restricted by group policy or other settings.

Consult your I.T. department to assist in troubleshooting if necessary.

Now you can log on to ACEmanager by entering in your web browser, where "" is the IP address assigned to your modem by your wireless operator.


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